As of today, I am officially no longer accepting commissions.

Any and all commissions/trades that I have already accepted will, of course, be finished as soon as possible. But I am realizing that it is both irresponsible and dishonest to to keep accepting them, knowing my own limitations and workload.

More details below.

I have a tendency to accept/leap at any opportunity for my art work that comes my way, regardless of what my current workload is. Those of you who’ve ordered work from me know that, while I do deliver, it often takes me a very long time to finish pieces, and that tendency is partly to blame. I also work full-time at another job to pay the bills, and have a family and health issues that take up a lot of time and energy – as such, I usually have very little drawing time available each day. Also importantly, I feel like I am supposed to be directing my artistic energies and available art time to another purpose – more expression of my Faerie work.

As such, I am officially closing shop for commissions. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and I feel this is the right move.

Again, I will be finishing all current commission work, and I look forward to other collaborative projects that pop up in the future – but I will be entertaining those options on a case by case basis. Prints of my original work and other items will (hopefully) soon be available on my Society6 page, and after the remaining commissions are completed, I will be focusing on producing Faerie art based on my personal experiences and on Tock the Gnome work.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience ā¤