Sketch, "Cross Pantheon Call," pencil on paper

Since I already have Hades and Persephone as Gnomes, it was only a matter of time before Athena showed up in this version of their mythology (she being a strong patron Goddess of mine since about the 6th grade…). And of course, me being me, she’s an Orc ❤ I took some creative liberties with the helmet she usually wears, and I hope that comes across clearly.

Also, with my strong connection to owls even BEYOND Lady Athena, I also really enjoy Blodeuwedd from Welsh mythology. So it seems, that whenever any gods from other pantheons show up in these drawings, they’ll be in their animal forms (assuming they have those).

And this appear to take place before Persephone goes with Hades, so she’s still Kore here.

More Gnomish Persephone (and Hades) here.