(Yup I am actually a Gnome.)

So as I mentioned, this past weekend was the ever-amazing NY Faerie Festival 🙂 I am lucky enough to live closeby and go for one day every year (fingers crossed for eventual whole-weekend-attendance).

Every year is different, energy-wise, at least for me. Because of the rainy weather, and the cold, this year was a lot more mellow than previous years BUT still just as magickal.

wpid-20150627_122003.jpg wpid-20150627_122022.jpg wpid-20150627_122128.jpg wpid-20150627_123104.jpg wpid-20150627_124149.jpg

As usual, this year’s day started off with wandering around the stalls, listening to some fabulous storytelling and music, despite the weather. Extra double plus kudos to all the performers. Everyone was wonderful, even when it was raining so hard people couldn’t stand nearby to listen.


Speaking of rocking it, Sofeya and the Puffins especially.

wpid-20150627_124721.jpgI even met another Gnome Lady! At Wayward Leather, where they had amazing Monster chests, which you can kind of see in the right corner there. Should have gotten a picture of those too, but I was too delighted about not being the only Gnome there (there is a guy Gnome I’ve seen there before, but he wasn’t around on Saturday) to think of that. Whoops. Please do check them out on their website, they’re awesome.

wpid-20150627_125541.jpg wpid-20150627_125941.jpg wpid-20150627_125708.jpg

Sofeya again (and her daughter). She’s such a bright soul.

wpid-20150627_130028.jpg wpid-20150627_130021.jpg

Some of the magickal space around the Faerie Queen’s throne, as we stopped in while walking through the stalls to the rest of the performance areas, and beyond.

wpid-20150627_130432.jpg wpid-20150627_131319.jpg wpid-20150627_131702.jpg wpid-20150627_132948.jpg

The ever “shy” Wedji Tucheeks, a.k.a. Mab, Just Mab. Always fun to see her and the other Goblins (pictured more below).wpid-20150627_133111.jpg wpid-20150627_133147.jpg

Dancing Trolls! ❤wpid-20150627_133309.jpg The Queen’s Procession.wpid-20150627_133143.jpg wpid-20150627_133346.jpg wpid-20150627_133514.jpg

The Queen and her Greenmen. This shot followed shortly by her blessing them, after which they danced off singing “Hoof and Horn.” Magick everywhere here 🙂wpid-20150627_133529.jpg wpid-20150627_133541.jpg

Dancing horses!wpid-20150627_135040.jpg A Greenwoman 🙂
wpid-20150627_135257.jpg This is, apparently, a marker for the entrance to the Mermaid’s cove….which, embarrassingly, I hadn’t realized existed before. Someone pointed it out to me by telling me there wouldn’t be anything going on down there for a while. So now I will have to make a point of actually seeing them next year!

wpid-20150627_135345.jpg wpid-20150627_135936.jpg wpid-20150627_140114.jpg wpid-20150627_140418.jpg

The entrance to the Goblin Embassy! They’re so much fun to visit despite my loyalty to the Trolls, shhhhhhh.

Was also blessed with a reunion with a lovely Fae friend of mine from last year. Seeing people again that I’ve connected with on previous visits is such a blessing, since I don’t get to go for very long, and I don’t get to visit any other Fae festivals in the area (…yet).


Visiting the Goblin’s Natural History Museum of Natural History with her as well. Dark photos but a very fun time.

wpid-20150627_141015.jpg wpid-20150627_142453.jpg

The entrance to the Labyrinth, marked by stone set into the ground and surrounded by taller standing stones. People were taking the liberty to walk through it – as in from one side to the other in order to get to the Troll Bridge, not actually walking the path itself – so I wasn’t able to get a good shot of the whole thing, but it is still a very sacred place and I did get to walk the path eventually. Better pictures next year, hopefully. Especially since I’ve had some spiritual experiences walking it on previous visits.


Dragon kiln, breathing smoke! Some welcome scents of fire.


Following now, some shots from within the Sanctuary beyond the Troll Bridge. Seeing the Trolls is always very special to me, but with the cold and all the people, I didn’t find myself very talkative this year.


The Sanctuary itself. I left an offering of a single crow’s feather from my home, gifted to me just days beforehand.

wpid-20150627_143713.jpg wpid-20150627_143821.jpg wpid-20150627_144043.jpg

And of course, a couple of the Trolls themselves, as I prepared to walk back over their bridge and back into the rest of the festival.

wpid-20150627_150914.jpg wpid-20150627_155901.jpg

Later, visiting the Holly King after he properly trounced the Oak King for his rightful place in the darkening part of the year. Despite the Midsummer celebration, it is still the time where the light starts shortening day by day. Celebrated and honored by a joust, in this case.wpid-20150627_160125.jpg wpid-20150627_162844.jpg

Some more of the magick of the space around the Queen’s throne.

wpid-20150627_163156.jpg wpid-20150627_164135.jpg

We were trying very, very hard to make it the whole day, through the cold and the rain, and as such caught Paolo Garbanzo‘s ever-entertaining magic act (seen here fire eating before juggling fire, of course) last minute.

After this we ducked down the vendor’s section again, in case we missed anything, chatted with some newly made friends along the way. In particular, the lovely and inspiring Susan of The Faeries of Fernwood Forest let us duck into her booth (shared with her friend Souly JOYCE who makes incredible wire-wrapped jewelry) to get out of the rain and talk about her work – which led into a discussion about Faerie art work in general that I greatly value.

wpid-20150627_171434.jpg wpid-20150627_171440.jpg wpid-20150627_171704.jpg

Again, very impressed by her work and her self and ideas about working with Faerie, and hoping to keep that in mind as I continue to work with Faerie myself, as an artist.

Shortly after this we reached the gates again. It was almost 6:30, and the festival ended at 7, but we were too cold and worn out to walk back down to the Labyrinth again to then participate in the Troll’s Drum Circle and procession back to the main gate – so much dancing and wonder, and of course I’m kicking myself now that I have energy, but it was unfortunately not in me after such a wonderful, but long, day (plus, my desire to impress the Trolls, as a GNOME, probably indicates deep-seated psychological issues). So we headed home, Faerie-ly recharged for another year.


See you all again in 2016! And an extra, exuberant thank you to everyone involved in putting the festival on. So very happy and grateful ~<3