Commission, book cover "Into Darkness: The Zoey Jane Files"

I’ve been extremely blessed and fortunate to do the book cover for my dear friend Heather Barone for her most exciting book release today!

Into Darkness: The Zoey Jane Files
She was raised as a spy. Her father taught her the trade. After high school and the military, she went into the family business. Years later, she found herself frustrated with the system so she returned to the private sector. Zoey reconnects with her high school sweetheart and things start to get interesting. She meets three men who help her rescue his baby sister. Panic and chaos ensue when a funeral Zoey is attending is fired upon. The love of her life is shot. Follow her and her team on her adventure to bring in the one man who eluded her throughout her career. She and her team track him through the beautiful Caribbean.

Please take a look here to see more info, including the cover with full title/text on it, and to purchase it if you’re interested!