Human, Fleda RoseChangeling, Fleda Rose


Images based on the World of Darkness “Changelings” roleplaying game, art and character Ā© Rachel Marsh.

Changelings have always really appealed to me (to the point that I’d probably write more about them if I were inclined to work human characters into my projects). I love the imagery and the explanation for those of us who don’t quite fit in to the human world 100%. It does bother me, though, that there’s such a negative spin on all those stories. Which makes sense, I suppose, since those stories are written by humans.

But have we ever stopped to think about WHY the Faerie choose those certain children to take? And why they leave children of their own behind?

Being Faerie, I don’t think there’s an answer we humans can understand. Faerie is part of the divine, something large and wild and whole beyond our comprehending, since we’re so connected to the material plane. But for some reason, today, I find myself wondering about that.

Maybe a child taken into Faerie would have been someone who, if left on Earth, would have caused great harm to others, or great harm to the planet itself. Maybe the Faerie left in the child’s place will bring something wonderful to the world, help guide it closer to the Divine Purpose I believe the Universal Spirit wants us all to get closer to…

That’s really all, I suppose. Sometimes I just wonder.