Fosterson sketch, pencil on paper

Over on Tumblr this past week was a celebration of Fosterson – the love of Jane Foster and Thor Odinson, from Marvel’s “Thor,” that is.

AU Fosterson sketch, pencil on paper

I only managed to get two pencil drawings done – one to start the week (of them as they are in the actual story) and one to end it, for the Alternate Universe day – but I posted my thoughts on them for each day as well. As such, it kind of turned into a study of their relationship, how I view it, which is always fun and important – studying romances I like in order to better my own writing, that is.

Here’s all my commentary, day by day, if you’re interested:

Day 1 – The Moment You Started to Ship Them/Why You Ship Them

Day 2 – Headcanons

Day 3 – Favorite location/scene/conversation/etc.

Day 4 – Natalie and Chris appreciation

Day 5 – Favorite quotes

Day 6 – Kink

Day7 – AU’s