Well, to start with, its been very spiritually-minded in general, but a couple things did happen that felt more impressive than happenstance.


After meeting with a spiritual advisor of mine, I set out to get some groceries, and ended up bringing this guy home. The store I go to most often has a fantastic selection of Gnomes every spring,  and I usually do fine resisting the urge to put all of them in my cart (seeing as Gnomes are my favorite Faeries). They’ve been outside, on sale, for weeks now and this guy was one of the last few left. I didn’t intend to get one this year, but I definitely felt called to pick him up when I walked up to the doors today. It felt like a calling that was outside of my own impulses, so I listened. And it turned out he was even more on sale than the signage indicated.

I’m calling him St. John, pronounced “Sinjin,” after a character in “Jane Eyre.”

I did my shopping and drove home, and ran into a good friend as I unloaded the car. She called me over to look at a couple new plants she got, and ended up giving me the parsley you see in front of Sinjin, there. She doesn’t have space for those two last plants, so she hopes I can do something with them.

I’ve been wanting to learn about gardening since the Faeries have become so important in my spiritual path, but have been dragging my feet about it, so maybe these unexpected gifts are supposed to be a kick in the pants.

I’ve also started up again on a meditation practice that another of my advisors has me doing, which I let lapse the past week while I was sick. Which meant time in front of my Faerie Altar. And I’ve gotten some rest and self care time in, as well.

So yes, good things. It just feels like I’m a bit more in tune with the Good Folk today. I like feeling like that and I hope it happens more.