Did you ever have one of those mornings that’s just unexpectedly spiritual?


That happened to me today, delightfully.

A moment of working on my personal growth turned into a more lengthy ritual-ish hour or so, in which I recorded some things about my morning Spiritual practice that I had yet to put down in my Book of Shadows. The Faeries called me to work further, too, by disposing of the scraps of paper I had written those practices on before. Which led me to take the remains (and everything else in the offering bowl on my altar) out to the woods behind the house.

Down a tall bush-lined path, there’s a pond, and a specific grouping of three trees before it – at the base of which I leave Faerie offerings when the bowl is full. I hadn’t been out there for a while, so it was really nice to do that and I’m grateful that the Faeries tugged at my stubborn self that way 🙂 Several butterflies and birds crossed my path as I went, too, and with permission I picked a small daisy to bring back (so the bowl wouldn’t be empty of offerings, when back in place, of course).

The bushes that line the path are also sprouting berries like crazy, right now. There are some blackberries (pictured above) but also these small, round red ones that I hadn’t paid much attention to before.



I didn’t realize that they’re all green and stripey before they ripen, and for some reason I’m really taken with them today.

That’s all for now. More art should be happening soon, I just wanted to share a bit in the meantime.

Have a blessed day, everyone!