So I’m lucky enough, now, to be doing another commission for a friend of mine that I’ve worked with many times before (if any of you have seen my D&D illustrations from back when I was actively gaming, some of the characters in those illustrations were hers).

She helped me out last year when I didn’t have enough money to purchase art supplies, and in return, I’m doing some promotional illustration work for a new book series she’s working on, “Zoey Jane Files.” They’re spy/action stories, which is a LOT different from my own personal work/projects, so its fun to explore something that’s so out of the box for me.


Thumbnails, "Zoey Jane Files," part 1


Thumbnails, "Zoey Jane Files," part 2

Above are some of the thumbnails I did. Β She liked the bottom one and the top left one the best, so I’ll be combining those two for the final illustration. The idea is to use the piece to promote the books, once it gets to be time for that πŸ™‚

And some design work for the main characters, based off her own illustrations of them:

"Zoey Jane Files," Killian

"Zoey Jane Files," Zoey's dress

"Zoey Jane Files," Zoey


Hoping to get more work on this done today, as I feel motivated about it (and will hopefully also remember to scan the more detailed thumbnail of the design idea she liked).