Commission, "Hexadecimal masks," for Llady Llama Fiber Co.

Commission for my llady’s business, Llady Llama Fiber Co.

I’ve done a few logos for her before, but this time she needed clear drawings of these masks for a recent Phat Fiber contribution. The theme was Villains, and she chose Hexadecimal from the 90’s cartoon “Reboot.” I’m not that familiar with the series, but we watched some and I really enjoy this character.

She asked me to do the linework of the masks, then she took that and cleaned them up with color in the appropriate places, using the masks as stickers on the packaging for her fiber samples that month (as shown on the left).

This was definitely lots of fun to do.

Also, Llady Llama Fiber Co. will be vending at the Western NY Fiber Festival this weekend! Go check them out if you can. I think they’re pretty fantastic, myself 🙂