Every year for my anniversary (with my wonderful girlfriend, now of 7 years and 2 months), I draw my llady something special. When we first got together, I did a smaller drawing for her every month for our “monthaversaries,” but a) now that time has passed and b) I have too little time to draw for her as it is. So now I mostly focus on creating things for her on big days like that, and holidays, and this year was no exception.

Anyway, here’s the World of Warcraft-inspired piece from this year:

“Seasons of /love,” four 4″ by 4″ pictures done in colored pencil and ink on paper.

Aside from just wanting to share this, its creation came about in a funny way. I can’t help but be a fan of some memes, especially drawing ones. This actually started AS a meme I was doing, found on DeviantART (originally written by user ChuraMai, though the file appears to be down. Sad).

While I was drawing it, intending just to sketch the figures with no backgrounds, it kind of took itself over. Before I knew it I was drawing trees – which I loathe drawing, since I’m no good at them – and adding ink and thinking about color! Despite my shortcomings, I love when art up and takes me away, and this time was no exception.

I did remember to scan the sketches, though, and put them in the Meme’s boxes:

And for those who want a closer look at the finished product:

Speaking of trees, I tried some new things with them in the “Spring” and “Fall” pieces, and I’m happy with the results. Another good thing about working on a webcomic too – I’m forced, by myself, to actually suck it up and draw those things I usually avoid. Which, of course, will hopefully make me better at them in the end.