Rosalarian, of “YU+ME,” “Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space,” and “Meaty Yogurt” fame, has started a fantastic thing called Fat People Art Week! From the site:

“For one week, create and share as many fat people arts as you can. The goal is one per day, but not everyone works that fast, so just do as many as you can. You don’t have to be a great artist, either! Just draw, paint, sculpt, snap (or whatever method you use to make art) some fat people, and post it. Even if you don’t want to post it to the FPA blog, post it in your own.”

I obviously think is is great, both as the week and as the larger Fat People Art project its a part of (she created that Tumblr specifically for the project). I’ll be participating as much as I can, by (hopefully) creating one or two new things for it, and at least submitting some of my already finished work to the general project.

With that in mind, here’s three to kick it off (with one more a day for the rest of the week). Please check it out if you like, and participate if you can!