I haven’t exactly felt like blogging much lately, due to life’s busy-ness and other factors, so here’s a quick feature of some my favorites from my own work, dealing specifically with the game “Dungeons and Dragons.”

I’ve been playing D&D since I was in high school, thanks to a friend of mine who got me into it. Though I had a bit of a rough start, it grew on me, to the point that I’ve been running my own campaign on and off since my mid-college years. I also play semi-regularly in other campaigns that my friends run. I find it helps me a lot creatively, specifically in looking at many non-2-dimensional aspects of a character. That puts me in a better place from which to draw or paint that character (or other characters) in any situation.

The images below are inspired by various campaigns I’ve played in, including my own. Some content comes from the ideas of other players, and is fanart as such, and D&D is copyright Wizards of the Coast, so I do not make any claim to own everything in these images.

A big thanks to all the other players and DM’s who made these images possible, and to all the other DM’s out there who are still running games great and small. You make Collective Storytelling awesome.