Those of you who watch my site on DeviantART (where you can see much more of my work, incidentally) already know that I’ve been planning a webcomic for the past year or so. Its been slow-going – at first I planned on drawing a story I’ve been working on since high school, but I changed my mind when I learned of a webcomic opportunity over at Crossed Genres web magazine. With the help of my girlfriend I came up with a different story for that, more tailored to their needs.

They turned me down, but I still plan on launching that story instead. Since I don’t have to deal with their restrictions, I’ve added a lot to it and I’m changing some things in the design.

Those are the main four characters, and in general, I’m not changing much. But I recently realized that I had subconsciously chosen to do something in regards to the main character, the Gnome woman on the left, that NEEDS to be corrected.

Much of my personal work – that is, work I do for myself that isn’t fanart – deals with fat women. I am a fat woman. I actually love it. I think larger, curvier girls are much more attractive than the smaller sizes our society pushes us all towards.

The main character of my story is NOT what I would call “fat.” She’s curvier, yes, but not BBW (means “big, beautiful woman”). Without meaning to, I thinned her down because I expected the people at the magazine to be more open to thinner characters. And I don’t usually draw Gnome women that thin. I imagine them as a much plumper group of people.

I’m really ashamed over this, especially since I self-label as a proud BBW woman.

But, there is a good side to all this – I’m still in the design stages, so I can change this. I’ve already started a redesign of that character, where she is BBW and more fully herself. …No, I’m not posting it here. You’ll have to wait and see.

As for the rest, I don’t plan on changing the other designs too much. The Orc woman’s face might change a bit (I think I prettied her up more than I should have), but I’m happy with the Gnome man and the Badger man too. I’ll also be keeping the style simple, just linework with one color in specific places.

I’ll post more about it in general when I get closer to launch. And even though I made this ridiculous mistake, I’m not going to make it again. I want to use my art to show the world that big girls ARE beautiful, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to make my main character as curvy as she can be.

P.S. The characters do have names, by the way, but I’ll get more into that some other time.