I try not to talk too much about “personal stuff” on here, but I do talk about my inspirations, so this counts. Plus, there’s more of my work at the bottom, if you keep reading.

As a big Wonder Woman fan, I have to put in my two cents about the redesign of Wonder Woman’s costume and backstory, which launched in issue 600 recently.


“Unveiling Wonder Woman’s New Costume, Direction” by Alex Segura

I actually like it, both in costume and in story.

I do wish the pants were blue, not black, and the jacket’s going to take some getting used to – though it does remind me of Rogue’s classic costume, and I love Rogue – but I like that its more modern, that she has STRAPS!!!, and that its not just an American flag pasted as a swimsuit-shape on her body. The bracelets are also bracers now, which is much more functional, and I love that they’ll leave a mark when she fights (which sounds kinda silly, all “Wonder Woman was here” and such, but still). 

As for the story, I haven’t read it yet, but it does sound really interesting. I like the whole idea of focusing her people – what I’ve read about it makes it seem like her first goal is to rescue the remaining Amazons and find out who’s behind the attack(s). I’m worried, of course, that losing her mother and most of her race will make her all broody like Batman, which wouldn’t work for her as well. But I was always a little bit bothered by the fact that the Amazons seemed less important to her than the citizens of the United States, so I’m really glad that they’re focusing on that to start.

I imagine that after that, they’ll bring her back to her usual cheery, peace-loving, world-saving, all-around people-loving self, which may also bring back the old costume. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but by god I hope they keep the straps at least if they do that.

That said, I did my own redesign of Wonder Woman a few years ago now. It was for my final thesis/project in my Women’s Studies minor at college. The whole project was about her body image, how DC has always sexed her up and made her sexuality – not her power – the first requirement, also making her fit our society’s definition of “beauty” and ignoring the beauty in other body shapes.

So, here’s my redesign, trying to tone that down while still making her beautiful, and drawing from real Amazon mythos. Click on each image to see them full-size.