Hi all! It was suggested to me recently, by a good friend on Plurk, that I use the blog part of this site to talk more about the process of making my art, what inspires me, etc. So from now on, I will be trying to update this section more often (like every couple of weeks or so) with information along those lines.

What you can look forward to, therefore:

~ Stories/info about what’s inspiring my art at any given time, as mentioned above. This will include some parts of my personal life, like my spirituality (as that’s getting more important to me), as well as outside influences, like music or shows I’m into or books I’m writing.

~ News about projects I am currently working on (example – I may be making a webcomic for “Crossed Genres” magazine soon!).

~ Features of some of my work that is not included in the “Portfolio” section here.

~ Features of other artist’s work 🙂

I’ll also be changing the theme for this, as I’ve grown tired of this one, and rearranging the Pages so there’s one specifically about Commissions I’ve done and how to commission me for new work.

That’s all for now, as I’m going to work on the theme problem now. Thanks so much for taking a look, and I hope you come back to see more!


Recent Updates:

Updated commission list for 2010