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Hello dear followers! I am pleased (super stoked, even) to announce that after lots of consideration post-Etsy-strike, my shop is now back open – on Ko-fi, instead πŸ’™

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Thank you so much, all of you, for your support and interest!!


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Sunday Gnomedays 8-7-22

With belated/early “Tock the Gnome” World Building “Wednesday!” Meaning, time for another patrons-only world building post, dear readers!

Today, we are looking at Bumble’s favorite of the Gnomish Faerie tales, “The Gnome without Hands.”

Click here for the full tale πŸ’€πŸƒπŸ’•


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Fanart Friday – Name Kisses

Soooooo continuing my late-to-the-Bagginshield-party extravaganza, I have finally come upon “SansΓ»kh” by determamfidd.

And the concept of Dark Names is just taking me by the throat in the best of ways.

I still haven’t been up to much, functionality-wise, post-COVID and with my leg injury and how busy my day job is at the moment, but I HAD to draw them (both? All?) and there is probably gonna be more, soon.

Thank you so much, everyone who contributed to this universe, but especially Dets. It has been an absolute joy to dive into.


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Sunday Gnomedays 7-31-22

May or may not be reading a lot of really gorgeously dramatic stuff these days, on top of the fact that this week has been more than a bit challenging (filled with gifts, underneath it all, but still).


Angsty Queen Arella of “Tock the Gnome” time – but in an untouched cave space, with a healing pool. Earth and water.

This may or may not be canon for the series, especially since I’ve drawn these caves before, BUT if that is so, I feel like the Gnomes no longer have access to these spaces…..


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Fanart Friday – ShaΓ»k Sapphic

A bit of a flashback too (drawn last year!) – Botarg and Rishgnak from Helena Markos’ amazing work “Splint.” I’ve drawn the main character Rukhash before too, and highly highly highly recommend the tale (even though it isn’t finished yet. Saaaaadface). An absolutely gorgeous dive into Orc life in the world of “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit,” post-fall of Sauron.

And with that there shiny new series coming out soon, now would be a perfect time to visit this fic and keep the Orcs in mind, if I do say so!


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Fanart Friday – Bagginshield

Soooooo for my self-care creative endeavors as I’ve been trying to kick the ‘rona, I have dragged myself and my patient, amazing Wife through a rewatch of “The Hobbit” (alllllll 3 movies) so I could figure out what I think about one reluctant Burglar and one King Under the Mountain.

Which is to say, they got drawn πŸŒ±πŸŒ³πŸ’•

And in case you’re wondering what I came to think:

“An Unexpected Journey”“Desolation of Smaug”“The Battle of Five Armies”

(Aaaaaand if this love is your vibe, I bet you’d like my comic, too! The main romance of that tale is not un-similar. Free to read here πŸŽ©πŸ’• )


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Sunday Gnomedays 7-10-22

I am back, as much as possible.

Being this sick, with what I was sick with, definitely meant self-care drawing when I had the energy for such things. I honestly thought we were gonna end up with something off of the “Confound me” line from the most recent page of “Tock the Gnome,” but this manifested instead.

Something about hope.

Something about reverence.

And since I hadn’t really drawn Tock and Onna together together in their Dream-sequence gowns, this was an unexpected delight.

On that note – I’m not sure what I’m gonna be able to pull together this week. I am on the mend, but still technically healing. World Building Wednesday will be up as usually scheduled IF I can manage it, and I hope to post the other self-care drawing I did for Fanart Friday coming up. So, fingers crossed and hands over my heart, but no promises quite yet.

Thank you all, so much, for your patience. Please be taking the best care πŸ’—


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