Gnomevember 2019 day 13


Portabello mushrooms!

This one being casually “Tock the Gnome” canon, though I feel like this is a Gnomish nobleperson having to harvest their own mushrooms last minute for an unexpected event.

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Gnomevember catchup! Days 10, 11 and 12

(Including Sunday Gnomedays on day 10, of course!)


Day 10, Hades – Sunday Gnomedays 11-10-19

Hades – Aidoneus – the Unseen One. With His invisibility helmet, the asphodel of the fields of (part of) the Underworld, and His trusted guardian Cerberus of course! Couldn’t resist making him a floofy Irish wolfhound and based on the Cu Sith of Scottish Faerie lore. That just felt rather fitting.


Day 11, King Trumpet Mushroom

Something about the shape of these makes me feel calmly happy, soooooo we get a dancey Gnome equally pleased about them!


Day 12, Pansies

…not much to say on that, other than yay for more soothing floral art!


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Gnomevember 2019 day 9

(And also pre-Sunday Gnomedays since that will likely be late, see below.)


Amaranthus flowers!

As noted above, today’s drawing will be up later due to scheduling conflicts vs. art time :/ Please check out my Instagram stories to see some WIP shots, if you want! Those will likely be up this evening, after 8pm or so.

Thanks for your patience, hope you’re enjoying my entries so far!

Full prompt list here.

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Gnomevember 2019 day 7


Dahlia flowers – featuring the tragic Queen Arella from “Tock the Gnome” backstory (and the shadow of her tragic love behind her. Had to sneak a badger into this challenge somehow 👍).

Also, apologies for this one being a little blurry, the space I was in had a light that flickered very slightly and I didn’t realize it had impacted the picture until it was too late! This piece will be properly scanned (like all the others for this month) and put with clarity into a book together once they’re all done. 

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