That most recent commission for Gnome Culture all finished :)

More "Once Upon a Time" Rumbelle goodness, inspired by the finale.

Season 2 now, please.

Another commission for SkysongMA at deviantART, of her original characters Damon and Cathal.

Linework for an amusing recent commission from the fantastic Xenia at Gnome Culture :)

More progess on the previous sketch.

I drew this ages ago, actually – its (most of) my WoW toons, with my main two up in the top leftish there.

Originally I planned on making a contest out of this. I was going to ask people to guess at the relationships between the characters, based on how I drew them interacting. Buuuuuut seeing as I'd forgetten about that until just now, I think I'll skip that and move on to finishing it (eventually).

The lineart is finished too, so that'll be up shortly.

Something for my llove. I imagine they're fae creatures of some kind…..well, obviously. I need to get better at coming up with titles too.

Another small personal piece I started between commissions. Loving the giant tusky grin.

Yes, the hiatus is finally over!

Read Page 30 here :)

What with my recent Rumbelle obsession, I figured I should give some attention to one of my other OTP's. This will be finished in colored pencil eventually.


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