Well, to start with, its been very spiritually-minded in general, but a couple things did happen that felt more impressive than happenstance.



"Tock the Gnome" page 53 promo

“Tock the Gnome” page 53 is up.

Thanks for checking :)

“Tock the Gnome: The Rescue Quest” is about a Gnome woman named Tock, who lives in the aforementioned Steampunk culture. Driven by a Fairy Tale about a trapped Elven princess on a floating island, she convinces her friend Bumble – an airship pilot – to join her quest to rescue her. They hire extra firepower from unfamiliar lands, and together they seek the island and the princess. But what they seek may not be quite what they expected…

WARNINGS: Will contain lesbian romance, size-positivity, conundrums and tomfoolery.

Blessed Solstice and Midsummer, everyone!


WIP, "See?," Tock the Gnome, pencil sketch

(Some of Tock and the as yet name-unrevealed Orc Lady, being extra Fae, today.)

“Now, until the break of day,

Through this house each fairy stray,

To the best bride-bed will we,

Which by us shall blessed be;

And the issue there create

Ever shall be fortunate.

So shall all the couples three

Ever true in loving be….

With this field-dew consecrate,

Every fairy take his gate;

And each several chamber bless,

Through this palace, with sweet peace;

E’er shall it in safety rest,

And the owner of it blest.”

- A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare

"Three Women," sketchwork, Tockverse

….Well a bit more than a sketch, with the ink, but still.

More Tockverse cross-posting.

Chibi-style ladies of 3 of the world’s races. Might need to do another one with the other races, as the story progresses.

"Crashing the Ball," a Tock the Gnome illustration


Cross posting from the main Tockverse website, but I like it too much not to share.

“Tock the Gnome” as a comic deals with Tock’s path once she decides to go on The Quest, but she did plenty of ridiculous stuff before that too. In this case, she once helped distract her friend Eleanore from a troublesome breakup by insisting they crash a noble ball. I hope to write something to go with this, eventually, and I know already that this incident contributed to her eventual decision to seek the Princess.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Please check out the comic, then :)

"Faerie Still 1," sketchwork

I want to do a whole series about how the races of Tock’s world are all Faeries, so assuming that works out, this will be the first one. For Gnomes, of course.

"Faerie Support," linework piece, ink on paper


….Not much to say about this one, except that I’m learning how to ask for help.


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